A Ninja did it…..

   So as I was putting my kids to bed a little while ago, my 3 year old son says “Mommy!  Look!”  he is pointing to the light fixture in their room – the glass covering is missing.  He continues: 
  “Ninja did it! Nija face asa.  Kelly do’ed it cu Nija fac asa!”

To which I reply:  “Da! Stui.  Yes, I know.  Kelly did that.  It’s okay now, go to sleep.”

At first I was like a ‘Ninja’ came in here and Karate chopped the light, huh?  But then I remembered that the word for ball in romanian is “ninja”.  I know right?!?  I had to laugh at my own language learning curve, and the differences in words and their meanings in different languages.  Like in Romanian the word “Fac”, which means do, doing, etc.  is prounounced like the english word “F*ck”.  So for me, when I first met Marius and heard him speaking to other Romanians, I would blush, and look all dear caught in the headlights, I mean, this wonderful God loving man was CURSING!  After he explained it to me, I had to laugh.

  Another example is the English word “Foot”, in Romanian sounds like the RO version of  the F-Bomb!  Also the word Pull-Up sounds like the Romanian word for a man’s “member”!  So it’s kinda funny, yet embarrassing in a way, especially over here, when my kids are saying my foot hurts in public, and all the old people are looking at us horrified! 

Learning another language – it can be quite funny sometimes!!! A Ninja Did It –  Classic!!!


Diety vs. non-Diety

  So I was reading my friend J-Lo’s blog, and no she’s not the one from the block.  She has, like me seens so much false doctrines, and false  teachers, etc.  That has made us both question our beliefs, why do we believe that the bible says this?  So we started digging through the bible, Greek and Hebrew dictionaries.  We both started to discover that most evertyhing that was crammed down our “charismatic” throats as kids was not really what the Bible says.

  I have to wonder why  when we all, and yes, I believe that everyone in this world at some point or other questions the existence of God, or their beliefs in Him; why is it that some of us come to the unshakable belief that God is real, that He exists, that the Bible is His inerrant Word, and that Jesus Christ of the Word made flesh, and then some of us completely deny it.

  Is it maybe that we go into our research determined to prove what we want to believe?  I mean I read Lee Strobel’s “A Case for Christ”.  He was 100% athiest, his wife got ‘saved’, which drove him nuts, and  he basically set out researching to prove to his wife that whe believed a fairy tale, but in the process came to know God.  Why is it that two atheiests can read the same things, and come to two different conclusions?  I believe that in Mr. Strobel’s case it was due to a praying wife, with many believing  friends  standing in agreement with her that he would come to the Lord.

  I have many issues with  the “church”, but not an issue with God. I think sometimes when I say things about the “church”, people take it as I’m bitter, and my love for God was waxed cold, but it’s really the opposite.  I’m not gonna lie, I don’t read my bible the way I should.  I don’t do as Paul said and pray without ceasing.  And I am  guilty of REALLY praying when my back is up against the wall, so to speak.  Something that I need to rectify.  But….here would be the perfect time for my dad to pipe in with “Excuses are like rear-ends, everybody’s got one!”


Picnic Postponed, next, Beach

  So the trip to the woods for a picnic got cancelled, much to my relief.  I don’t much care for sitting in the woods trying to grill, while being eaten alive by Dracula’s minuscule cousins, commonly known as mosquitos! 

 But next weekend, I get to make the 2 hour drive to Constanta to see  my husband’s Aunt, who very desperately wants my middle child to stay with them again this summer.  I probably shouldn’t  because all sorts of hellish drama will ensue with my mother in law, who isn’t speaking to her sister, for what reason, I don’t know, and honestly don’t care.  I don’t like being put in the middle of something, especially when I don’t know what is going on – they tell me, but I don’t understand everything they say!  Why can’t this be like the Matrix, where I just jack into some computer program and download a language program to help me communicate?!?  Where is Johnny Mneumonic when ya need him???  WAIT, Keanu Reeves was lead character in that movie too, come to think of it, I think Matrix was just a better written script of that movie, which TANKED!

  Anywho, so I’m  headed to the beach next weekend, where hopefully there won’t be too many women parading around topless – one of the things that annoys me about living in Europe – they are too liberal about nudity!
  Fun, 2 hours with screaming kids in the back seat, on REALLY bad roads!  I kid you not there are pot holes the size of small towns over here!  The E.U. sucks monkey butt, I tell ya!  November is just around the corner people – vote the commies out, especially Pelosi & Reid.  If you can find a way to 86 Obama, get on it!  So that’s it of my political Tirade!  Will try to get some pretty shots of where I am going, which is a little town at the northern end of the coast in Constanta.  The little town is called  Eforie  Nord – reminds me a lot of Galveston, only slightly less cleaner.  Not sure why these people can’t wrap their heads around keeping the streets cleaned, and grass cut.  There is a reason the rest of Europe thinks of Romania as one huge trash heap…..But there are some really very beautiful places to be seen here.  A lot of things are still done the way they were hundreds of years ago, which is really awesome in my opinion, but hey that’s just me!  I’m not against industry and progression,  but I find it sad when we loose some of the old ways, the ways that paved the way for progress and invention!

  So if internet connection cooperates, I should be posting more photos next week, we’ll see how my candid shots of people come out.  I need to branch out to animate objects instead of focusing on the inanimate ones.  Then again there isn’t a lot of cool inanimate objects to really capture where I’m going.  Ah well, C’est la vie, eh?!? 

Interesting Fella

  So, a stranger commented on one of my blogs, and generally when someone I don’t know comments on my blog, I click their name and head over to their blog, and 9 times out of 10  begin following their blogs, because they are funny, interesting, or educational.  Sadly, I personally know most of my “followers”.  Sounds weird to say I have followers, makes me feel like the leader of a cult of something, albeit a v.sad, small cult, but you get my drift.

  Anywho so I click on commenters name, which was Gorges Smythe – his bio was articulate, and witty, so I immedately head over his blog, and was very pleased.  A good ole country boy with a voice and a blog!  Whoo-Hoo, my Saturday morning just started off very nicely.  Next up, picnic in the woods with my lovely sister in law, my kids, my mother in law, and nephew.  Honestly I’d be happier if it were just me, my kids and sister in law.  My mother in law is nice, and means well, but she has to control everything, and my nephew just annoys me to no end, he never shuts up, he constantly talks (in a language I still trying to fully understand), and very loudly.  When he and my oldest child (who also has a loud voice) get together, it is the perfect recipe to give me a migraine, especially when compounded by two younger children and Mother In Law who, like my middle child literally “fights” to be the center of attention. 

  Anyway, I got off topic there.  So if you are looking to read something that reminds you of sitting at your mama’s kitchen table head over to Gorges’ Grouse!

The LOST/Miami Vice Connection

  Okay so over here in the rear-end of Europe we are in the last few episodes of the final season of  LOST.   In season 6, the  alternate reality has  Sawyer as a cop.  As I was watching tonight, I  kept thinking, WHO does ‘Sawyer’ remind me of???

  Well they also show re-runs of the 80’s hit T.V. show “Miami  Vice” on T.V.  So I happened across an old episode a little while ago, and there was Don Johnson in his  bright, spiffy looking clothes, well they were ‘da bomb’ circa 1983! He had his spiky mullet, and it hit me – SAWYER IS THE MODERN VERSION OF ‘SONNY CROCKETT’!!!!  Think about it, they are  both gruff, somewhat rough around the edges type of men.  Neither have steady love interestests.  They are both somewhat  reclusive and conflicted characters.  Shoot they even look somewhat alike!  And now they both play cops….well sorta.

  Tangent:  Of course what I wanna know is how in the world does a vice detective afford a Ferrari???  I  

  mean even by today’s  standards that’s outlandish.  It was even more outlandish in 1986!!! But I guess it 
  makes for interesting T.V., yes???

  Anyway, so your thoughts…. do you see a similarity between the characters of Sawyer and Crockett?  Forget the premise of their respective shows.  Just the characters themselves.  I find it strange, and have to wonder if one of the writers of  LOST has the whole Miami Vice series on Beta Max that he watches religiously, and if so, did ‘Crockett’ inspire the character of ‘Sawyer’?  Does this writer have all of Vangelis work on Vinyl or CD?  Are there multiple Nagel’s hanging throughout his house, along with geometric patterened bed sheets and curtains???  You get my drift.

Your thoughts?

Nooby Photographer does Italy….

  So I just got a brand new Canon Rebel XS with a 15-55 mm & 70-300mm lenses.  It’s totally a beginners camera, but I love it.  Beautiful shots no matter what!
  Let me just say, I have absolutely NO clue what f/stops, metering and exposure and all that “shop talk” pros use!  I got the camera just in time for my 1 week trip to see my husband in  Italy.  I took 757 photos, not including the ones I deleted because they just came out crappy!

  Out of all those shots there were a handful of really awesome shots, great lighting, composition, etc.  My “eye”  really developed as the week progressed, and of course it’s easy to shoot inanimate objects.  I guess that’s the learning curve for us noobies – shoot things that don’t move!  So here are a few of  my favorites.

 Leaning Tower of Pisa

The chuch and other buildings at Pisa
A cross on the fence in front of a church in La Spezia
The Cross on the top of the church in La Spezia
A Water Fountain & Sculpture in one of the Piazas in La Spezia
I have a thing for doors, light posts, etc.  evidentally I kept shooting them, this is one, that came out exceptionally well, imho
I fell in love with this sculpture in Piazza Europa in La Spezia
This is the same sculptor.  I love the angel stepping on the man’s head.
These are their water fountains.  They’re so unique…
A little light house at the end of the pier.  I liked how the lamps are lining the way
A water fountain in a memorial park.
This building had some gorgeous reliefs and sculptors all over it.  I loved these empty soldier suits with the evening sun hitting them!
Tunnel Vision
View of flowers with surf crashing on the rocks in the background at Larici Castle in Larici, Italia
Insert theme song from “Titanic” here!  Also from Larici Castle
Hubby took this one.  Not sure why Larici Castle had a statue of a dinosaur, but I decided to kiss him!  He was kinda cute!  ;p
The castle ruins in La Spezia
I liked the way they had the tables set at this cafe
Same table, just zoomed in.
Last, but certainly not least, my wonderful husband, without whom Italy would not have been as wonderful as it was! 

Italy, here I come!

  So I leave my hometown of Tulcea in the morning at 9 am to make a 2 hour drive to Mihail Kogalincheanu Airport, in Constanta.  My flight takes off at 1:10  p.m., and by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow evening, I’ll be hugging my hubby for the fist time 3 months! 

  Marius and I have been together for a total of 7 years.  We “celebrated” our 6 year wedding anniversary May 7th.  Of course since he was there and I was here, it was a phone call that went something like this: “Happy Anniversary, I love &  miss you.  Okay outta credit,  talk later!”  In the 7 years we’ve been together we have NEVER had 1 whole week to ourselves.  My oldest child, is not his biologically, she was God’s way of getting me back into the “fold”.  You can say what you want about my past life, yeah I made mistakes, and she is a product of my sin and mistakes, but if you dare to call her an Abomination in the eyes of God (yes, someone once told me that to my face, happened to be a v. old, v. close friend of the family), I WILL come through the internet connection and beat you over the head with your own bible!  Yeah, I know, not Christ like behavior, but hey, what can I say, I get a bit hurt and offended when someone calls an innocent child “trash”!  Anyway, back to my point.  We have never had more than 1-2 days completely alone with each other.  So we are totally going to enjoy this week, belatedly celebrating 6 years together.

  In our 6 years of marriage we’ve dealt with more hard times that would normally destroy most marriages, than most couples experience in a lifetime!  But because we keep God in the center, and always talk to each other openly, and honestly, our trials have only made our love stronger!  We don’t go to bed angry with each other.  We talk about everything before making any decisions, and he always makes the decision!

  Anyway, so when I get back, hoping my internet connection will have laid off the crack pipe so that I’ll be able to post some wonderful pics from my short visit to the Tuscan area of Italy.  La Spezia, Genoa, and Pisa are where we will be visiting! 

  I can’t wait to see a country I have ALWAYS wanted to visit with my wonderful husband!  Pray for me to have a safe flight there and back, and I’ll see you on the flip side!

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