I always loved the song “Euro-Trash Girl” by Cracker.  Not sure why, but I always wanted to be someone’s Euro-Trash girl, but new that would never happen, because, well, I’m American, not European.  So now, I guess I’m my husband’s something-trash girl!  LOL!!!

  Maybe it’s because I have always wanted to travel and see the world, especially Europe, and here I am in the far eastern corners of the continent!  Going to Italy at the end of June to see said spouse, as he is there working in La Spezia, which is about 30 minutes from Pisa, yes, as in the leaning tower of.  Here are a few snapshots of him at the tower, which I hope to get to go see while there.  He has a friend who lives in Venice, and if time and money permit, we may hop a train for a weekend visit to Venice, take a Gondola ride under the Bridge of Sighs at sunset – ever see the movie with teenage Diane Lane, and very old Lawrence Oliver called “A Little Romance”?  If so, you know what I am referring to!

So here are a few pics, and maybe by the time I die, I actually will be a Euro-Trash girl, ahem, lady, even though I have no idea what the term Euro-Trash actually means.  It doesn’t sound very nice, but for some reason or other, I wanna be one!  Silly Americans!

The Leaning tower of Pisa:

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IMG_4044_resize IMG_4047_resize

La Spezia:







All Alone

So it’s been awhile since I’ve written, there is a reason. I’ve been sitting under a TON of stress, literally. My hubby has had maybe 4 jobs in the 1 year and 2 months that we’ve been here, and the pay has been crappy!!! I mean he made just enough for us to pay bills and buy food, and not much else! Even though my MIL drives me nuts, she loves to cook, and feed people, so she has on occassion sent us food! On a side note, she looks in my fridge every time she comes over! She doesn’t visit here often, only when she has to come to hospital, cause we live like 1/2 a block from it.

So my husband has been trying to go to work in Italy for a year now. For some reason or other they didn’t send him, even though the guy that owns the company that sends the men to work owed Marius brother some HUGE favors. My brother in law was a pro. boxer, coulda made quite a name for himself, but due to some injuries to his kidneys or liver, he had to stop. So he did, and became a body-guard, and hired thug when needed. So my BIL has and still does on occasion, some “collector” work for the main guy sending people to Italy.

Sorry for the side track. So Marius and I go to the bank yesterday to put me on the bank account. After that we stop by the office to talk to the guy who is supposed to put the roster together to send people out. This man isn’t the one whom owes my BIL a favor, he’s the guy that runs things for that guy, we’ll call him “Tricky Dick”, cause he reminded me of R. Nixon! I’d never met him before yesterday. He told Marius they (shipyard in Italy) had just faxed the list of how many of each position they needed, and for Marius to come back at around 3:30 or 4:00. So we go home, Marius goes back. About 1-2 hours later, Marius comes home, he tells me he still hasn’t talked to Italy. Marius has a job interview for a Stucco job in Belgium today in Bucharest. He wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to go, because he might have to meet with “Tricky Dick” this morning! So needless to say, we are both feeling rather frustrated and scared. We have 3 little ones running all over the apartment, playing, laughing, etc., without a care in the world. I now understand why parents tell their kids to enjoy their youth!

So there we sat, both of us feeling like screaming, but knowing it wouldn’t do any good, except make the neighbors call over the doctors from the mental hospital, which is literally next door to our building. Yes, I live near the crazy people!!! So we are sitting there talking, freaking out, wondering, is God hearing our prayers??? Marius’ phone rings, as he goes to answer it, I say, that better be “Tricky Dick”! Sure enough it was him. He had just talked to the shipyard owner’s in Italy. Marius is going out. He apologized for it taking so long! Only so many positions and 40 different men wanting him to send them to work! I’m ECSTATIC that he has a job! Sucks that it took this long, and makes me wonder why was only after I came in with him that they decided to send him too?!? The pay isn’t WONDERFUL, but for the cost of living here, it’s pretty dang good!

So the draw back, he will be gone for 1 year, yes, you read that right, ONE YEAR. One year of me being alone in a country, where I’m still trying to learn the language. One year with just me and the kids, no daddy to help me straighten them out! Oy-Vey!!! One year of going shopping and getting screwed because of said language barrier! So if you pray, pray for first of all my husband’s health and safety, and in a close second, my mental sanity, otherwise the kids will visiting mommy in the crazy place next door!

Looking for work.

  So I’m helping my hubby try to find work outside of Romania, because well, there just aren’t any jobs here.  What few there are don’t pay well at all.  So I’ve scoured the net for Plastering, i.e. Stucco companies here in Europe.  Most seem to be in the U.K., which is great, since their currency is worth more than even the Euro.

  Draw backs to Marius (hubby’s name btw) working outside the country.  We won’t see him for MONTHS at a time.  The upside is that we will save massive amounts of money by him will allow to save a bunch of money in a short amount of time!  Another upside, is it will give me and the kids a reason to spend money on a “vacation”, enabling us to see more of Europe, which is awesome.  I’ve always wanted to see London, but more than that, Ireland, home of most of my ancestors!  Please pray that this one company that has responded, will sponsor Marius to work in the U.K., pay his asking price and give him at least a one year contract.