Commercials, gotta love ’em…

So I gotta say, I’m a fan of commercials, not they way they come one right in the middle of a show, leaving you hanging on a cliff, but the actual commercials themselves. Like ones for laundry detergent.

Example, a woman is eating a cake with a friend at an outdoor cafe, her sleeve accidentally touches the cake, and now she has chocolate all over her sleeve. Her friend pulls out a 5 Kilo bag of detergent. Then they are suddenly in a house, the shirt is washed and dried with no trace of chocolate left on the shirt!!

Obviously it’s showing how awesome the detergent works! But seriously, who carries around large bags or even bottles of detergent in their purses. And how come they can wash and dry a shirt in a nano second??? Isn’t art supposed to imitate life, or is it the other way around???

Or the awesome cat woman like moves in a Matrix style commercial – I wanna be able to move like that – that slow time lapse photography trick, heck I would be find with looking like those women. I’m a seriously straight hetero woman, who loves her hubby, but those women are smoking hot!!! I want a body like that! Why can’t we all have bodies like that???

I want my life to be like a 30 second commercial, funny, beautiful, and easy!


Wish Lists

Thank you Melissa for the idea of this blog. This is her original thought for a blog not mine, so originality is not in this blog…hehehehe.

  So Christmas is rapidly approaching, as it does every year.  I detest shopping, and I’m sure this year will be even worse for me what with the language barrier and old Communist mentality = RUDENESS!!!  Hubby and I won’t be exchanging gifts this year – they don’t have anything here either of care to spend money on.  But I still have a wish list just the same, and 2 of them are just like Melissa’s – head over to “Little Miss Married, she’s a hoot!

 So here’s my list in no particular order.  Photos with description underneath:

A Digital SLR, preferably the Nikon D60 with all the bells and whistles!!
Meaning, extra lens, neck strap, carrying case, & lense cleaning kit.
 Down Pillows and Comforter
Because not only are they soft & comfy, but they will keep me warm during the v.long, v.cold winters here!

iPod Shuffle – 4GB – it’s small and it talks to you!!!
It’s awesome for shopping – I don’t have to talk to anyone, which doesn’t really help me learn the local language, but I get tired of getting looked at crazy when I do try to talk, cause my grammer is bad.

My Own HOME – no photo, because everything  here is in an apartment building that was built at the height of Communism.  They aren’t pretty to look at, so I ain’t bothering with a pic.

XBOX 360 with all the HALO games & Sniper Elite
Yes, unfortunately I love the gaming thing, too much, I beat my hubby, especially at the strategic shooting games like Sniper Elite. hehehe – that’s the ‘tom-boy’ in me!  GEAUX TIGERS!
And Most Importantly my family’s health and happiness.
  Of course Christmas isn’t about what gifts you get and what you give, It’s about so much more than that!  But as to that, I will save for my next blog, as I have many scriptures I want to line up first to go with it.