The "Joys" of Marriage

I hear what almost sounds like a chain-saw going off. My first thought is “MAN it’s late” – it’s 11 p.m. here. But alas, it is not the annoying neighbors who are constantly working on their antiquated pre-communist era home, nor is it the ones who live above me, that for some odd reason only fight in the pre-dawn hours of the morning, who I can’t understand what they are saying. Which I must say, the language barrier actually helps in this instance! hehehehe!

But, no, the sound is coming from my beloved husband. He is passed out after a hard day of work, both physically and mentally! His current “boss” is this insane old woman who doesn’t know what she wants, and doesn’t want to pay for anything. N-E-Way, so there he is, the love of my life, chopping logs, and occasionally talking to said logs!