Not in Kansas anymore Toto…

  So last night I had this very strange dream, I kept buy tons of shoes, most of them red.  It was strange, because I was in my 20’s in my dream, working in some store, and my trailer park looking mom (not my real mom in the dream, not sure who she was) comes in with “my little brother” , who is some fat nerd boy who looks like he’s 10, but is going off to college, so trailer trash lady is buying him like a Touch Pad, etc.  I tell “mom” if you buy that Jason’s gonna die.  Jason was my boss –  dressed like Larry the Cable guy, but much cuter. She asked why he would die, and I said because if sells you that, I’ll kill him, because my brother is a pushover, some jerk is going to either beat the crap out of him and take it, or trick him into giving it to him.

  Anyway in my dream my hair is long, and sorta blond, I’m pretty solid.  In reality I’m NOT a fat person, I’ve popped out 3 kids, and can still wear size 2 pants!  In the dream I’m wearing Daisy Dukes.  I DO NOT like showing my body, especially my pasty white legs.  So anyway, my friend (who is face & nameless; I have no friends here) comes in with all these bags of shoes that I had bought and left with her.  I become overjoyed suddenly, where I as before I was lethargic, and depressed.  The thing is though there were like 10 pair of shoes, mainly heels, and probably 7 pair of them were red!!!
  I like the color red, but I don’t normally wear it because I’m fair skinned with freckles, auburn hair (that is rapidly turning gray)  and blue eyes. 

When I woke up, and sat down to drink my coffee, I started thinking about the dream.  I was so depressed to the point of tears in the dream, till I had all these red shoes.  There was one pair that was my favorite, not to flashy, more like a ballet slipper in patent red leather.  No bling or anything, but I LOVED them.

So I thought about what it could mean and I immediately thought about “The Wizard of Oz”, and Dorothy’s red slippers that when she clicked the heels together she was instantly transported home.  So I’m wondering if subconsciously I’m wanting to go home.  I think so, I mean I’m in a foreign country where nothing makes sense to me.  My husband had to go work in Italy, cause there’s no work here in Romania, I have no friends, can’t talk to anyone, and my oldest had an appendicitis scare the other day, where “Dr. Armenia” threw me for a loop.  You can read about that episode by going to post entitles “Hospital Politics”, it’s much funnier than this one.

  So I guess that’s what the Red Shoes symbolized, my wanting to be Dorothy, and magically transport to back to my ‘Kansas’!  Of course the red shoes could symbolize how much I miss my husband!  ;p