Diety vs. non-Diety

  So I was reading my friend J-Lo’s blog, and no she’s not the one from the block.  She has, like me seens so much false doctrines, and false  teachers, etc.  That has made us both question our beliefs, why do we believe that the bible says this?  So we started digging through the bible, Greek and Hebrew dictionaries.  We both started to discover that most evertyhing that was crammed down our “charismatic” throats as kids was not really what the Bible says.

  I have to wonder why  when we all, and yes, I believe that everyone in this world at some point or other questions the existence of God, or their beliefs in Him; why is it that some of us come to the unshakable belief that God is real, that He exists, that the Bible is His inerrant Word, and that Jesus Christ of the Word made flesh, and then some of us completely deny it.

  Is it maybe that we go into our research determined to prove what we want to believe?  I mean I read Lee Strobel’s “A Case for Christ”.  He was 100% athiest, his wife got ‘saved’, which drove him nuts, and  he basically set out researching to prove to his wife that whe believed a fairy tale, but in the process came to know God.  Why is it that two atheiests can read the same things, and come to two different conclusions?  I believe that in Mr. Strobel’s case it was due to a praying wife, with many believing  friends  standing in agreement with her that he would come to the Lord.

  I have many issues with  the “church”, but not an issue with God. I think sometimes when I say things about the “church”, people take it as I’m bitter, and my love for God was waxed cold, but it’s really the opposite.  I’m not gonna lie, I don’t read my bible the way I should.  I don’t do as Paul said and pray without ceasing.  And I am  guilty of REALLY praying when my back is up against the wall, so to speak.  Something that I need to rectify.  But….here would be the perfect time for my dad to pipe in with “Excuses are like rear-ends, everybody’s got one!”



God Hates The World???

So a friend posted a link to a very disturbing site called “God Hates The World”. I’m not going to post a link, cause I don’t want to contribute to that kind of heresy. I have however posted a gadget to sign a petition to have this “church’s” websites shut down. They are completely full of hate and anti-biblical, even though they attempt to use the bible to back up their hate filled rants!

I would ask anyone who reads this blog, to please sign the petition, and get your friends to sign it. If you believe in Christ, God, and the bible, then you know that God doesn’t hate people, he hates sin. He doesn’t want that anyone should perish, but they do have free will to follow him or not.

I have sent the owners of the site and email asking how they can justify what they are spewing, which completely contradicts Christ message of love! I doubt I will receive an answer, but oh well, please join me in shutting these lies down.

It might fly in the face of the freedom of speech, but this isn’t speech, this is hate! It’s a fine line, but people like this give all of us who truly love the Lord a bad name, they are the ones who make us all look like a bunch of wing-nut fringe zealot, lunatics!!!

Unsound Doctrines

In case you haven’t noticed my last two blogs have been about false doctrines and questionable practices within the church (this includes all denominations). My reason for these: I’m fed up! I can’t stand by quietly, saying nothing. I have to stand up for TRUTH, because that is what I’m commanded to do; to be a shining light on a hill, the salt of the earth.

I am not, repeat NOT trying to pick on or call out a certain denomination, etc. I have issues with ALL denominations, particularly within the one I was raised, which was more of the pentecostal/charismatic, or full gospel as they called it, church.

I see too many people who are going to stand before God and hear “depart from me ye workers of iniquity”, and it grieves me. Or have their works burn up because it wasn’t precious, it is just wood, stubble and hay. It scares me that I might be one for perpetrating false doctrines, because I was too lazy or scared to question and test what I was being taught.
That is where I am. I am standing at the crossroads of biblical doctrine. I have been unable to attend a church service for a year, not because of inability of body, or will, but because I’m a stranger in a strange land, surrounded by non-English speaking people. I think God put us here for several reasons, one of which is where I am now – so He can show me through reading His word on my own, without it being prompted by the latest “make me feel good, tickle my ear” sermon, His Truth. He has been showing me where the doctrines we are taught and hold onto aren’t really the way we are told they are. They don’t line up with scripture.

Make no mistake I’ve always read my bible, etc. but usually going over what I learned in a church service the day before, etc. Sometimes I would see the error, but figured, what do I know, I’m just a silly woman with a High School education, and three kids. These men and women, some of them have degrees in theology/divinity, etc, and have been walking with the Lord for EONS. They must know better than me!!

But God has been showing me, that’s what holds a lot of people back from being able to see the Truth He is revealing to them. To walk in the gifts he has called them to. See, He has shown me that most of the disciples and apostles were low on the socioeconomic and educational food chain, yet look at them! They carried out the Great Commission with unwavering Faith! They wrote most of the new testament, a book by which we live our lives. God used little shepherd boy, David to bring down the terrifying Giant, and govern an entire nation!

So bear with me over the next few posts as I talk about the errors I’ve found or questions I have. Paul told us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, which is where I am, seeking God, His Word, His truth, instead of listening to ravenous wolves disguised as “good shepherds”

Slain in which Spirit???

I attached a link to another article from Let Us here. I think they summed it up very well, with a lot of references to scripture and other books.

The whole being slain in the spirit thing is I believe demonic as it is not mentioned as being used by any of the apostles, disciples of even by Christ himself. The references in the bible about people encountering God’s presnece doesn’t reflect anything like what is seen in most revival meetings, like Benny Hinn, of whom I have no use.

I have also heard of the story of Annias in Acts ch.5 being used as reference for being slain in the spirit, but that was taken out of context. They were literally SLAIN by the Holy Spirit. The lied to God and were killed because of it.

I do believe that God’s presence can manifest so heavily in a person that they cannot stand. They might fall to the ground, sit down, I don’t know. I don’t think anyone can really do anything in the manifest presence of the Lord.

What I don’t believe in is what is done at church services now days. Herding and lining people up like sheep to the slaughter, literally. If it is really God, why do they have to be lined up, why do you have to touch, push, shake or blow on them. Why do you have to say anything?? If they need prayer, wouldn’t it be enough to stand in agreement with them in prayer, and if God manifests His presence on them great. If they fall backwards, let them fall, God loves His children and if it is really Him, I don’t believe He will allow a person to be physically hurt while in His presence.

Most of the references in the bible, particularly the OT, of people encountering God’s presence, fell face forward, in an attitude of submission, worship, etc. Most of the time when this happened, it was God’s judgment, or revelation going on. Obviously God can still judge and reveal to whom He pleases. My issue, is why is this “the norm” for Charismatic churches????

McLinkly Blog Hop – 2010 Best Wishes

  So the theme of this week’s blog hop is to list our best wishes to our readers for 2010.  So far as I can tell there are only seven of you.  LOL!!  My wishes for everyone the world over are short, sweet and to the point.

1.  The most important wish I can offer anyone is a life of grace and mercy found through a relationship with Jesus Christ, savior of the world.

2.  Secondly, not just a year, but a life full of love, joy, peace, and humility.

3.  Financial Gain, but not in the traditional sense.  I don’t mean building up a massive 401 or savings account or anything, but making enough money to keep your bills paid, buy food, necessary clothing, etc., but to have extra to be able to bless others that are in need.  The  most important of all “financial gain” is building up treasures in heaven.

4.  A happy, loving family, restored relationships. 

These to me are the most important wishes/blessings I could ask for anyone.  I pray that God takes cares and looks after all who read this.  Please know that no matter where you are, or what you are going through, there is a God who is in Control and He loves you!  He will never bring you to a problem and leave you there, He will bring you through it, if you have Faith!

What Christmas Has Become

After reading my friend Danielle’s blog about Christmas, I had to do one on the same subject, cause A.  it’s an awesome topic, and I wanted to expound a little more on her thoughts, and too cause B.  I couldn’t comment for some silly reason!

  Danielle pointed out that Christmas has become about self-ish desires, lust, greediness, etc., etc. And that it opened her eyes in a big way about what Christmas is really supposed to be about.  She’s completely right.  She goes on to say that she knows families that keep it small at Christmas.  I know people who don’t celebrate it at all because to them it isn’t biblical, these are mainly Jehovah’s Witnesses, of which is course for another subject re: false religions and the occult.  But anyway, Danielle is right.  Christmas is NOT about how much $$ you can spend on everyone.  Even if I had all the money in the world, my kids would still get the 1 crappy dollar store toy from me and their father. 

My thing with Christmas is that is should be a daily celebration for Christian believers, cause without Christ being born, we would still be condemned to eternal separation from God.  I know people who won’t put up a Christmas tree because of a scripture in Jeremiah (?) about adorning trees with silver and gold being idolatry.  I had to really pray about that one.  For me a Christmas tree is a pretty decoration that reminds me every time I look at it that Christ came to this earth so free me from sin that I could never sacrifice my way out of!

There are those like the J.W.’s that Christ wasn’t born Dec. 25th, that Constantin instituted that to get the pagans into the Catholic Church, and they are right.  Constantin did do that, and No, Christ WAS NOT born Dec. 25th.  More than likely he was born sometime in September or October.  If I am wrong for for “Celebrating” his birth on Dec. 25th, or for celebrating it at all, God will judge me when I stand before Him.

Christmas is supposed to be about showing Christ’s Love.  Instead of giving gifts to each other, why not do something really christlike?  Buy various, gender-friendly gifts, and instead of giving to friends, family, co-workers etc., take a gift to your neighbor, keep some in the car, when you feel impressed to give one to a random person, Give it to them!  Invite a family that is down and out into your home for Christmas Dinner, or if you would rather not have stranger’s in your home, take them out to dinner!  When they ask you “WHY?
 you can tell them, this is CHRISTmas, I’m doing what Christ did – he gave us the gift of eternal life, this gift or this gesture is  a symbol of what he did for us.

Another thing, I don’t care if store’s don’t say “Merry Christmas”, I don’t care if they take the word “christ” out of christmas.  in the Greek one for the letters for Christ is the letter “X”, so technically, even when they write x-mas – Christ is still there!

See Christ is either In you, or He’s not! 


  I recently blogged about a pastor I know being investigated fro Fraud by the feds.  That was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me where “organized churches” are concerned.  I have been in Romania for nearly a year now, and have been to 1 church service since we’ve been here, I don’t understand the language yet.  And if I can’t understand what they are saying I don’t know if scripture is being misused or not.  Yes, my husband knows the language, it’s his native language, but it’s not the same.  I NEED to hear and understand for myself.  I can now understand what he went through when he first got to the U.S. and barely knew any English.

  I said all that to say this.  I am completely and totally fed up with the churches.  It is the church that we were warned of – the church who only wants their ears tickled, the church who wants to name it and claim it by taking Romans 4:17 COMPLETELY out of context.  It is the church that believes in the Holy Laughter Movement, the whole slain in the spirit thing, and the belief/doctrine (mainly in the pentecostal and charismatic churches) that speaking in tongues is the ONLY evidence of being baptised by the Holy Spirit.  They should really re-read Corintians 12 again.  Speaking in tongues is a GIFT of the holy spirit, not evidence of it.  If that is the case, than why not prophesing being used as evidence of being baptised by the Holy Spirit???  STOP TWISTING SCRIPTURE to fit your pre-conceived notions, or beliefs that make you feel better about it all!!! 

  Stop people like Joel Osteen who won’t stand up for God’s word and call sin what it is.  Stop the prejudiced preachers like Billy Graham, stop the snake-oil salesmen like Benny Hinn, stop the new-age mixed with “christianity” of Rick Warren, etc., etc.  Do I really need to keep listing them.

  For anyone who wants to say that I shouldn’t be judging, yes I should, we are commanded to call out those that would twist and pervert scripture, and spread false doctrines, etc.  As a Christian it is our duty, nay our “ministry” to expose the lies, and those who spread the lies.

  I’m tired of all it all.  I’m tired of self proclaimed bishops and pastors who lie, cheat, steal, fornicate, hold bitterness, backbite and backstab when away from the pul-pit.  Who bully people, who confuse baby christians with half truths, and convoluted doctrines, etc. 

  As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  That’s it. I don’t need anything other than God’s word and love for me and my family.  We can have our own fellowship.  Without the hypocrisy.

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