The Freaky, Neighbor dude…..

  I mentioned in my last post (if it ain’t 1 thing it’s 20) briefly about my freaky neighbor.  I went back through my blog to see if I had ever mentioned him, I haven’t.  Well here goes.  I happened to meet him in the stairwell last year sometime.  My husband wasn’t home at the time.  My Romanian was limited to hello’s, how are you, and good bye.  So I didn’t understand much.  I understood he asked something about a computer.  I responded ‘da’, and told him to come back tomorrow to talk to my husband.  Something seemed weird about him when I met him, but I chocked it up to my lack of conversational skills. So he comes by the next day when my husband is home.  My kids are naturally affectionate, they hug everyone!  So they were talking to the new guy, he was nice with them, but something was rubbing me the wrong way.  That nagging little feeling in the back of your head that screams “Danger! Danger Will Robinson!”

   He had asked if he could use our computer, we said okay.  He started showing up when my husband wasn’t here.  The way he talked to my kids made me nauseous.  He was all of about 17 I guess, said he wanted to be come a priest in the Orthadox church.  But there was something about him.  He was an only child and his father had died when he was young, so he was raised by an overly affectionate, indulgent, or worried mother.  I blamed his weirdness on that.  One evening when he was here, he was on his phone talking to a friend, my husband said he was flirting, but he was speaking in the masculine, when if he was speaking to a girl, he should have been saying things a different way.  When he got off the phone my husband asked him flat out, “Are you gay?”  It surprised him, and he asked Marius how he knew.  Marius was like well your body language is effiminate, but the way you were talking – you were speaking masculine, when you should have been speaking with the feminine.  He said yes, he was, and begged Marius not to say anything, cause no one knew, and here where we are in Romania, that can get you beat the hell up, or worse.  Marius said he wouldn’t say a word, but he asked him how he thought he could be a priest, he said he didn’t know.  He knew it was wrong, but he couldn’t help it.

  Not long after this,  was waiting and wondering  my oldest daughter was, she had long been due back from school.  My doorbell rings, I open it, and there is freaky neighbor with  my daughter!!!!!!  He comes in – I still don’t know why he kept coming over, when I didn’t understand a word he said, and visa versa!  Anyway he comes in, he uses the bathroom.  I asked Kelly, what was going on, she said he was waiting for her at her school, and he walked her home, but not the way she normally came back home, a different route, he took her to a park and asked her if she wanted to play, she said no, I need to go home, I’m going to be in trouble if I’m late.  He stopped at a little store to buy something, and he bought her a piece of candy!  I was ready to tear this little dude a new one!  Only I didn’t have the words.  He hung around for a while, used the computer I noticed he was using it to talk to some man, who was at least my age.  He finally left.  When Marius came home I told him what had happened, it was a good thing the kid wasn’t here at the time – Marius was livid, he would’ve ripped the kids head off.  Marius is very, very SLOW to anger, but once he’s there, you need to stay away!  Kelly informed us, he was regularly at the school.  Which is weird to me.  He isn’t in that school.  Why they allow people to be on the school grounds who have no business there is beyond me.  A few days went by before we saw him again, and when we did, Marius had calmed down, he told him – what you did was wrong, you NEVER take one of my children from school unless you are asked to.  He further told him, if you wait for my kid at the school again, I will go straight to the police, and what do you think will happen will I tell them a homosexual was waiting for my kid at her school, unasked by me or my wife.  He went white and apologized profusely!  Kelly said he made her feel weird.  After that when ever he came over, she gave him a wide berth, would barely talk to him.  The way he was with my son though – ugggggg!!!!!

  Marius had told him, if I’m not home, you don’t come to my house.  It doesn’t look right, and people will talk if they see you always over here with my wife and kids when I’m  not here.  He agreed, etc.  BUT, he come over more when Marius wasn’t here, than when he was.  Marius had by that time told him, no more using the computer, you’re using to continue a homosexual relationship, and I won’t be party to that.  But still he came.  Finally around Christmas, Marius had had it, he was ALWAYS at our house.  Marius had just come home from a pitiful little job that didn’t pay that much, things were tight, and the doorbell rings.  We all stayed quiet.  We were eating dinner as a family.  We ignored it, not 5 minutes later, it rings again.  Marius gets up from the table, opens the door and says.  “Man, it’s enough.  You are always over here, even when I’m not here, which I’ve asked you NOT to do.  If you have an emergency, and we can help, we will, but other than that, I’m sorry, but I’m done.  Good night.”  and he shut the door. 

  And that is the last we’ve heard from him.  We pass him on the street or in the stairs from time to time, and he still turns my stomach, and I want to bash his head in when he leans down to talk to my son.  The girls have figured out that Mommy doesn’t like him, she thinks he’s weird or bad, or something, so they don’t say much to him.  But my 3 year old – he doesn’t get it yet!

  So anyway, that is who informed me of water in my apartment yesterday, I would rather have been possessed by Satan than have heard that from this guy.  The less contact I have with freaky neighbor dude, the better!


Interesting Fella

  So, a stranger commented on one of my blogs, and generally when someone I don’t know comments on my blog, I click their name and head over to their blog, and 9 times out of 10  begin following their blogs, because they are funny, interesting, or educational.  Sadly, I personally know most of my “followers”.  Sounds weird to say I have followers, makes me feel like the leader of a cult of something, albeit a v.sad, small cult, but you get my drift.

  Anywho so I click on commenters name, which was Gorges Smythe – his bio was articulate, and witty, so I immedately head over his blog, and was very pleased.  A good ole country boy with a voice and a blog!  Whoo-Hoo, my Saturday morning just started off very nicely.  Next up, picnic in the woods with my lovely sister in law, my kids, my mother in law, and nephew.  Honestly I’d be happier if it were just me, my kids and sister in law.  My mother in law is nice, and means well, but she has to control everything, and my nephew just annoys me to no end, he never shuts up, he constantly talks (in a language I still trying to fully understand), and very loudly.  When he and my oldest child (who also has a loud voice) get together, it is the perfect recipe to give me a migraine, especially when compounded by two younger children and Mother In Law who, like my middle child literally “fights” to be the center of attention. 

  Anyway, I got off topic there.  So if you are looking to read something that reminds you of sitting at your mama’s kitchen table head over to Gorges’ Grouse!

Hello Again….

So I haven’t blogged since last year…hehehe!  The holidays always have so much going on, even when the traditions are different and you don’t have as much $$ to spend.  LOTS of baking and cooking went on, have I mentioned I love to bake, I do.  Made fresh french bread rolls, cinnamon rolls, sugar cookies with icing, Apple Crumb Pie x 5 – it was a HUGE hit!  Sarmale, which is a traditional Romanian dish, that is completely YUMMINESS wrapped up in Grape Leaves OR Cabbage Leaves.  I prefer the grape leaves.

Not a lot has been going on, other than decorating a poor Charlie Brown tree that we had to tie off to the “library” with fishing line so it would stop falling over!  It was pretty funny actually.  Oh also, try to keep the kids from pulling all the balls off the tree and using them as soccer balls – thank God they were all plastic!!!
Looking for work, cheaper apartment, more ways to save money, same ole, same ole!

Anyway just wanted to say hello to whoever is “listening”!  So HELLO YOU!!!  Nice to “see” you!  Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and safe and happy New Year!

Stealing Sundays

For Some reason I can’t link up tot he Stealing Sunday’s blog-hop thingy.  Oh well, got this from Laura at her Life Happens Blog.  Looked fun, so here goes:

1. Name someone with the same birthday as you.
  Elizabeth Taylor – well, at least the 7 failed marriages isn’t shared as well!

2. Where was your first kiss?
     On the playground in 2nd grade – Joshua Solieu snuck up from behind me and kissed me on my cheek, and then ran off.  It would be YEARS before I had my first “real” kiss

3. Have you ever hit someone of the opposite sex? If yes, why?
   yes, I was a tom-boy, fought the school bully in 5th grade for talkin’ smack about my dad.  Hey my mom was M.I.A., so i was more partial to dad.

4. Have you ever sung in front of a large number of people? When?
   When I was 6, 7 or 8 in children’s church.  When I realized my voice cracked and that I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket I gave up my fantasy of becoming the next Sandi Patti.

5. What’s the first thing you notice about your preferred sex?
    I don’t notice them anymore, but the first thing I notice about anyone is their eyes.  Do they look you in the eyes when speaking with you.
6. What really turns you off?
   Self-Importance or low self-esteem.  Ooooh, and body odor.

7. What is your biggest mistake?
    Let’s not go there shall we, there are way too many, and besides they have shaped who I have become.

8. Have you ever hurt yourself on purpose?
    Yes, 3 times, it’s called pregnancy and childbirth!

9. Say something totally random about yourself.
     I have 11 toenails.  Technically 11 toes, but they are grown together with 2 toenails on the one 2 toe.

10. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?
     Sissy Spacek, I CONSTANTLY got told I looked like her…Uggg…  And, back in the day when my hair was major long, and I had blonde highlights, I was always told I looked like Claudia Schiffer – we both have those high cheek bones and bugs bunny type front teeth.  If I let my hair grow and cut and style it a certain way, I still get told that.

11. Do you still watch kiddie movies or TV shows?
     I mentioned intentionally hurting myself 3 times, what do you think is on our tv 99% of the time.

12. Are you comfortable with your height?
      Yeah, not like I can do anything about it now is there?

13. What is the most romantic thing someone of the preferred sex has done for you?
      A “jar-head” I went out with a few times, took me on a moonlit picnic in a park with strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.

14. When do you know it’s love?
      When God says so.  And when you totally trust that person with everything that is in you, that you know they don’t care about what you don’t do perfect, when you can see how much they love you in their eyes.

15. What’s something that really annoys you?
       “Men of God” that flout the Word.  Televangelists, especially:  Graham, Osteen, what’s hisname, the Indian guy that is always wearing those obnoxious white suits????  arrrrggg, what is his name, Ah…Benny Hinn.    Basically anyone that is the “shepherd” of a “flock” and twists the Word to fit their beliefs.  Who STEAL money from their congregations – yes I said Steal.  We should be like the church in Acts Ch.2, living Holy and Righteous lives!!!

Awesome Blogger Award

  Okay, so my friend Melissa, whom I’ve known since middle school awarded me with the “Awesome Blogger” award.  Melissa has a very witty blog called Little Miss Married.  The stiputlations of being granted said title include me giving 7, count ’em “intersting” facts about myself, and listing 5 new bloggers.  Well, I only know one new blogger, and I don’t really consider myself as “intersting” in the conventional sense, but I’ll give it a go!

7 Intesting Things about me:

1.  I scored a 143 on an IQ test.  That should be considered interesting since, if memory serves, that makes me a borderline genius. Genius at what I’ve yet to decipher, seeing as how most of what I touch seems to turn to crap! Not really, but it feels like that sometimes!

2.  I am a brutally honest person.  Maybe not brutal, but honest.  I detest lying in any shape, form, or fashion.  Honesty is the best policy in every facet of life.  I try to temper everything with love, however my wickedly bad Irish temper passion gets the better of me sometimes.

3.  I have 3 BEAUTIFUL children who look absolutely nothing alike! See photo below.  An absolutely beautiful, wonderful, adoring husband, who was everything I prayed for and dreamed of for a husband and father!

4.  I suffer from selective memory. Let me explain.  I can remember bible verses and their address.  I can remember law, and their legal numbers.  I can remember case law Snyder vs. USFDA, etc., etc.  But I can’t remember what you asked me for 20 minutes ago, unless it’s something that pique’s my interest.
5.  I live in Romania, because of stupid antiquated out-dated Immigration laws.  Please do NOT try to argue with me about the current Immigration problems in the U.S.  You will be barking up the wrong tree, and will definitely be picking a fight you will lose. (there is an example of said “brutal honesty”)
6.  I am an AWESOME cook!  I don’t generally toot my own horn, but when it comes to cooking or baking, I can kick butt.  I’m no Julia Childs, I wouldn’t cut the mustard on my presentation, but the taste, Oooooo Mama! Do quote Johnny Bravo!
7.  I am a Nerd!  Yes, I own it, I am a total and complete dork.  I make silly faces, talk in silly voices, sometimes with an accent!  I love silly movies like “So I  Married An Axe Murderer” (seriously, funniest movie evah)!  I love technology, I am a computer geek/buff, etc.  Learning what I can about photography for when I can finally afford a Digital SLR!   I can recite every line to just about every Star Wars flick, every movie adapted from a Jane Austen novel.  I am basically an American version of Bridget Jones, minus the drinking!
8.  I’m adding one extra, and it’s not last because it’s least important, but because we always save the best for last right?  I am a Christian.  This means I follow the Words of Jesus Christ, not Billy Graham, Joel Osteen, Larry Stockstill, T.D. Jakes, or any other “man of God”.  Man if fallible, full of error.  I serve, believe in and LOVE God – whose word never returns void.  Who became flesh, and died a horrible death so that I, my husband, children, family, friends, EVERYONE could be redeemed unto Him.  It is not I who lives, But, Christ who lives in me.  He has changed and transformed me.  I die daily to the flesh so that I can become more like him!  I want to be “Mistaken”!  (Warren Barfield)
So there it is seven “interesting” (to whom I don’t know) things about me.  Sorry if I bored you into a coma, but that is me!!  I won’t apologize, because diversity is the spice of life.  If we were all teh same, what a truly ugly and boring world it would be.

Okay so  the only new blogger that I know is a young wife, mother of a new baby girl, and excellent, awesome, pure hearted woman of God, Danielle.  I’ve known her for years now.  She saw me when I was still rebellious, drinking and partying, and then she saw God transform me.  It was because of hers, her family, my family and our mutal friends prayers that I am still alive and here serving an awesome God!  Her blog is here.

So Danielle, I think maybe now you have to list 7 intersting things about yourself and list whatever new bloggers you know!