Where is Buster Pointdexter????

  Cause I’m feeling “Hot! Hot! HOT!”  And no not in that I’m a young smoking hot, sexy wife and momma.  No, hot as in the it’s 35 C, no breeze, no a/c & I’m taking HOT baths in a closed door bathroom just to get my body temp  higher than it is inside, so that when I open the door from the bathroom, the hot apartment is actually cooler than me!  Old trick my dad taught me as kid growing up in S.Louisiana when the window unit would break down!

  I mean I go sit on my balcony, which is has a door from the kitchen to it, which I keep closed, with butcher paper in the glass pane to block out the sunlight; i.e. heat.  So it’s unrealistically hot on the balcony.  I mean the walls are as hot as an oven – no lie!!!  So I go sit out there for a few minutes, and start sweating, then get up after about 5 minutes, and step back in the house, cause hey it’s cooler in here than the balcony!

  The upside, I only have like one more month of this heat, then fall weather will start setting in.  That’s another upside to living here, there are 4 distinct seasons, and summer is VERY short.  It doesn’t really start getting hot till like June 1st., and then starting around September 1st it starts cooling off.  Of course then come November it gets wickedly cold.  But it’s easier to get warm than it is to cool off, I mean let’s face it there is only so much you can take off, but you can always keep putting clothes on – hello Joey did it in an episode of Friends!  How you doin’???


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  1. Gorges Smythe
    Jul 18, 2010 @ 20:01:01

    Isn't it a shame we can't have more spring and fall, and less summer and winter? Like you, I tend to prefer cold weather over hot and have said about the same thing concerning clothing: once it's off, you can't strip any further. (But you CAN jump into the creek!) Also, I can build a fire, but I can't build an air-conditioner.


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