The LOST/Miami Vice Connection

  Okay so over here in the rear-end of Europe we are in the last few episodes of the final season of  LOST.   In season 6, the  alternate reality has  Sawyer as a cop.  As I was watching tonight, I  kept thinking, WHO does ‘Sawyer’ remind me of???

  Well they also show re-runs of the 80’s hit T.V. show “Miami  Vice” on T.V.  So I happened across an old episode a little while ago, and there was Don Johnson in his  bright, spiffy looking clothes, well they were ‘da bomb’ circa 1983! He had his spiky mullet, and it hit me – SAWYER IS THE MODERN VERSION OF ‘SONNY CROCKETT’!!!!  Think about it, they are  both gruff, somewhat rough around the edges type of men.  Neither have steady love interestests.  They are both somewhat  reclusive and conflicted characters.  Shoot they even look somewhat alike!  And now they both play cops….well sorta.

  Tangent:  Of course what I wanna know is how in the world does a vice detective afford a Ferrari???  I  

  mean even by today’s  standards that’s outlandish.  It was even more outlandish in 1986!!! But I guess it 
  makes for interesting T.V., yes???

  Anyway, so your thoughts…. do you see a similarity between the characters of Sawyer and Crockett?  Forget the premise of their respective shows.  Just the characters themselves.  I find it strange, and have to wonder if one of the writers of  LOST has the whole Miami Vice series on Beta Max that he watches religiously, and if so, did ‘Crockett’ inspire the character of ‘Sawyer’?  Does this writer have all of Vangelis work on Vinyl or CD?  Are there multiple Nagel’s hanging throughout his house, along with geometric patterened bed sheets and curtains???  You get my drift.

Your thoughts?


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  1. LTM
    Jul 01, 2010 @ 02:07:52

    oh, yeah, totally. Never really thought about it before, but def.And don't knock the rear end of Europe. Just think–you could be like us and have NO L O S T~ poof!


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