Liars, Thieves & Idiots!!

  Okay, so now that I have a way to access the internet, and the plethora of infomation on DIY computer  fixes out there, I’ve found out that I think the guy “fixing” my laptop is lying.  The service manual from Dell says doesn’t mention anything about a compressor in my system.  The guy told me it was the compressor, or a chip to the compressor.

  Also he  told me that my hard drive had “cracked” or something, but that he could fix it.  So today I ask him if he has wiped the hard drive yet to re-partion it.  He said “No, is broke”.  So I ask  you can fix it though right?  his response:  “I hope”!  WT****????  He says the Hard Drive shorted out, which sounds about right, the system was overheating.  So I’m getting a bad feeling here. For all I know this guy could be taking out my Intel, RAM, all the good stuff, and replacing it with crap!!!! 

  I’m picking it up tomorrow, sending it to Bucuresti, so that my BIL can send it to the Dell Service Center there.  At least I know they won’t mess me over, and the work should come with a warranty or guarantee (I can hear Justin Wilson) of some sort.

  So I’m hoping the parts won’t be too expensive, and that it won’t take but maybe a couple of hours to fix, seeing as labor is something like 10 Euro/hour, that’s like $12-13 per hour.  Not too bad, but it adds up quick!!! 

  So my few readers, pray, please that my laptop hasn’t chopped up and cheap parts put in it, and that Dell won’t charge me an arm & leg, and that they can  fix it ALL, quickly, and inexpensively!  I’ll keep you posted. 

Oh yeah, one more thing, that my internet  connection lays off the crack pipe so that I can upload some pix!!!!


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  1. covnitkepr1
    Jun 12, 2010 @ 13:35:01

    When my computer crashes, I've found it's about as cheap to just replace it. I've had two Dells and both were good ones. I'm still with the second as I write.As for trusting your repairman…here's a story you may like.We were flooded by a flash flood a few years ago. We are Christians and so looked for Christian contractors to do the repair work.(like to support other Christians when possible) Hired two different family businesses to do the work and got took by both. Trust me on this…they were not up front and lied to us in both cases. I told them as I am telling you…next time we need work done on the home we live in…we'll hire "drunks" and witness to them while their doing the work.Just wanted to stop by and sit a spell…gotta go now.


  2. Odie
    Jun 12, 2010 @ 16:18:18

    I've learned that lesson too, I refuse to work for or give business to "christians" – they are usually worse than the devil himself. This guy is not a Christian, he's Romanian. Old communist joke:Regan, Gorbechov, and Ceascescu were in a plane together, God shows up, and Tells Regan – there is too much violence in your country. You have 1 year to straighten it up. If not, I'm going to take this little ball and throw it on America, and it will wipe her off earth.God then tells Gorbechov, there is too much drinking and prostitution in Russia. You have one year to make it right, or I will throw this little ball on the U.S.S.R. and wipe it off the earth.God then tells Ceasescu, your country has a problem with stealing, everyone is a thief. You have 1 year to make it right or I throw this little ball on Romania and destory it from the earth.So all three go back to their countries to make it right. One year later they are allon the same plane headed to the same destination. They wait for God to show up. While the are waiting, they start talking. Regan says, we passed some gun restrictions, and enforced tougher laws for violent crimes, violent crime had decreased almost 100%, I think we will be okay.Gorbechov says, I passed prohibition laws, alchohol is no longer allowed. Brothels and the people working in them have been put in the Gulag. It's not all gone, but I think God will be pleased.Ceasecscu doesn't say anything, and the other two ask him, well did you put an end to stealing in your country. He replies No, we still have the problem. Regan and Gorbechov have horrified looks on their faces, and ask him why he isn't worried, because God will destroy Romania.Ceasescu just smiles, and says, no he won't. "Why?" the other two ask. Ceasescu sticks his hand in his pocket and pulls it out again and says as he opens his hand: "Because I stole the little ball"!That is the menatlity of the people I live and deal with daily!


  3. covnitkepr1
    Jun 12, 2010 @ 18:28:44

    Ahhh..I've found someone who's on the same page I am… I think.


  4. Odie
    Jun 12, 2010 @ 21:25:36

    LOL!!! ❤


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