God Hates The World???

So a friend posted a link to a very disturbing site called “God Hates The World”. I’m not going to post a link, cause I don’t want to contribute to that kind of heresy. I have however posted a gadget to sign a petition to have this “church’s” websites shut down. They are completely full of hate and anti-biblical, even though they attempt to use the bible to back up their hate filled rants!

I would ask anyone who reads this blog, to please sign the petition, and get your friends to sign it. If you believe in Christ, God, and the bible, then you know that God doesn’t hate people, he hates sin. He doesn’t want that anyone should perish, but they do have free will to follow him or not.

I have sent the owners of the site and email asking how they can justify what they are spewing, which completely contradicts Christ message of love! I doubt I will receive an answer, but oh well, please join me in shutting these lies down.

It might fly in the face of the freedom of speech, but this isn’t speech, this is hate! It’s a fine line, but people like this give all of us who truly love the Lord a bad name, they are the ones who make us all look like a bunch of wing-nut fringe zealot, lunatics!!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa
    Apr 12, 2010 @ 00:23:39

    Yeah, i saw you posted that on FB. i do NOT like that church group. More like a cult than a church. It's awful. They are the same church, i believe, that held up "your son is burning in hell" signs at the funeral of Matthew Shepherd, the gay guy that was murdered b/c of his sexuality. I know that it is a sin, but God loved Matthew Shepherd every bit as much as he loves me. They do the same at funerals of those who fought in the war. I doubt you will get a response. They are certain of what they believe. & the ones that aren't leading it are brainwashed. The ones that are leading it are just plain evil, i guess. I don't know. But those people do not know God.


  2. Odie
    Apr 19, 2010 @ 21:44:02

    Everyone in that "church" are all family members. There are only a few people in teh church that aren't family members!


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