What tha what?? (double standards)

Okay, so the liberal media is going on and on about the “violent, racist” tea partiers, because they’ve supposedly said somethings that were politically incorrect….question, when did the truth and questioning the lawmakers become politically incorrect???

Anyway, what I want to know is where was the Liberal Media back in the summer when the Dems were sending out their ACORN and Union thugs to the town hall meetings who were physically keeping people out of the meetings, and even seriously injuring a man (who if you remember was black), for simply handing out small flags with the “Don’t Tread On Me” logo on them. The man wasn’t saying a word, wasn’t harassing anyone, was there on public land, paid for by himself, and everyone other tax paying American. He was exercising his constitutional rights. But the left didn’t like that, actually they didn’t like having to go to the Town Hall Meetings because they were faced with an unhappy voting populace who was questioning what exactly they were doing, and why they were trying to cram this bill down their throats.

So where was the Communist News Network, a.k.a. CNN, then?? Why weren’t they crying foul? Why weren’t they chastising ACORN, Unions, and the Democratic Party?? I’ll tell you why, because they were secretly rejoicing, high five-ing, and patting each others backs over it. Can you say double-standard???


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