Health For All….

So obviously the Health Care Bill is major news this week, with it’s passage. I’m upset that Sen. Stupak didn’t stand his ground for life. Instead he caved to an Executive Order promising that no tax payer dollars will fund abortions. The E.O. isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, according to many attorneys. If Obama has intention of upholding the order, why was the signing of that not broadcast world-wide?? Also, a tel-tale sign is the fact that the heads of the Abortion industry, Planned Parenthood for example, were surrounding the president when signed the massive 2,000 plus page tax hike, er, Health Care Bill!!

Besides the total disregard for human life in it’s weakest state, is the effect that this bill will undoubtedly have on the already frail American economy. The taxes for this bill go into effect IMMEDIATELY, with little to no benefits available to John & Susie Q. Taxpayer anytime soon, or if ever. The people who will immediately “benefit” will be the people already living off of tax dollars.

I understand that some people are down on their luck, working their tails off to make ends meet, and for them, I say help them all you want! But to give insurance to Illegal Immigrants, who aren’t paying taxes, Welfare recipients who aren’t even trying to work, I say, WTC are you guys in D.C. smoking??? Being married to an immigrant, it’s hard for me to come down on illegals. But if they can prove where they pay taxes every year with a tax payer ID number, then I don’t have a problem with them benefiting for something they are obviously paying for!

I know too many people who are self-employed, or small business owner’s. Their taxes are about to go through the roof, and the people that they do employ are going to have to be let go, to compensate for the money they will have to pay out in new taxes. What is this going to do to the economy – sink it even more, because the unemployment and bankruptcy rate is going to sky-rocket like Apollo 13!

Another thing, Medicaid and Medicare are government run Health Insurance Programs – they are failing, MISERABLY! My kids were on Medicaid, and the doctors sucked. Need to see a specialist – GOOD LUCK with that!

The U.K., Canada and other Social Health Programs have high mortality rates. Their income taxes are high, and so are their sales taxes. They are literally taxed to death. I live in a country that has the same type system. Yeah, your medical visits are free, and you get a discount on your prescriptions, but if you need any kind of surgery, you have to pay out of your own pocket. Don’t believe me, I’ll go get sworn affidavits from hundreds of people throughout the city I live in!

Instead of passing this bill, why not start with Tort Reform. And how about capping what hospitals can charge for medications and equipment. I mean, hello, $4.00 for a Tylenol pill?!? Seriously??? What about giving Hospitals and doctors tax breaks for treating patients with no insurance and low incomes?? It’s called Charity for a reason, oh wait that’s right, Obama did away with tax breaks for charitable giving right after he was sworn in…. Okay, well what about Capping costs for prescriptions. It doesn’t take that much money to produce these things, but the mark up is like 110% of the manufacturing cost. I mean, I understand they have to make a profit, to pay their taxes, employees, etc., but instead of a 110% mark-up, how about only like 30% mark-up! How about Rewarding the medical industry by having them use natural sources of medicine. Instead of just treating the symptoms with man-made chemicals, i.e. prescriptions, how about CURING the illness with Natural substances?!? Geee, maybe cause Uncle Sam would start losing all that money the drug companies give them through kick backs.

And if this legislation is so great, how come the president, congressmen, and senators and their families are all exempt from it?!? Can anyone say Communism?!? Cause this is exactly what the Socialists and Communists did!


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  1. Ash
    Mar 25, 2010 @ 12:41:55

    could not have said it better myself!!!!!


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