Unsound Doctrines

In case you haven’t noticed my last two blogs have been about false doctrines and questionable practices within the church (this includes all denominations). My reason for these: I’m fed up! I can’t stand by quietly, saying nothing. I have to stand up for TRUTH, because that is what I’m commanded to do; to be a shining light on a hill, the salt of the earth.

I am not, repeat NOT trying to pick on or call out a certain denomination, etc. I have issues with ALL denominations, particularly within the one I was raised, which was more of the pentecostal/charismatic, or full gospel as they called it, church.

I see too many people who are going to stand before God and hear “depart from me ye workers of iniquity”, and it grieves me. Or have their works burn up because it wasn’t precious, it is just wood, stubble and hay. It scares me that I might be one for perpetrating false doctrines, because I was too lazy or scared to question and test what I was being taught.
That is where I am. I am standing at the crossroads of biblical doctrine. I have been unable to attend a church service for a year, not because of inability of body, or will, but because I’m a stranger in a strange land, surrounded by non-English speaking people. I think God put us here for several reasons, one of which is where I am now – so He can show me through reading His word on my own, without it being prompted by the latest “make me feel good, tickle my ear” sermon, His Truth. He has been showing me where the doctrines we are taught and hold onto aren’t really the way we are told they are. They don’t line up with scripture.

Make no mistake I’ve always read my bible, etc. but usually going over what I learned in a church service the day before, etc. Sometimes I would see the error, but figured, what do I know, I’m just a silly woman with a High School education, and three kids. These men and women, some of them have degrees in theology/divinity, etc, and have been walking with the Lord for EONS. They must know better than me!!

But God has been showing me, that’s what holds a lot of people back from being able to see the Truth He is revealing to them. To walk in the gifts he has called them to. See, He has shown me that most of the disciples and apostles were low on the socioeconomic and educational food chain, yet look at them! They carried out the Great Commission with unwavering Faith! They wrote most of the new testament, a book by which we live our lives. God used little shepherd boy, David to bring down the terrifying Giant, and govern an entire nation!

So bear with me over the next few posts as I talk about the errors I’ve found or questions I have. Paul told us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, which is where I am, seeking God, His Word, His truth, instead of listening to ravenous wolves disguised as “good shepherds”


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  1. jennifer renee
    Jan 19, 2010 @ 15:07:58

    my problem, and i'm still fighting it, is when i read certain scripture, i hear what i've been taught it means… i'm trying to let that go and read it and listen to what God says it means instead…


  2. Melissa
    Jan 19, 2010 @ 18:32:32

    Totally understand, Odessa! & i think it is great when we reach that crossroads & begin to search for ourselves. That is what Brad did several years ago & why he got started learning to read it in the original language. He has a lot of ideas that most people in the christian church would balk at!! HAHA! But it is wonderful to learn how God meant certain verses. My favorite that i use as an example is that the verse that says "do not take the Lord's name in vain" does NOT mean to not say "oh my god" or His name with D***. NOT that those things are good. But what it actually means (when reading from the Hebrew) is not to USE His name to support something you believe. In other words, don't use his name to call something holy (when it's not). Kinda like when ppl say "God told me to tell you…" when of course he DIDN'T! (Unless he didn't – but you know what i mean – people in the church using God's name to promote what they themselves want ppl to believe!!! SO WRONG!) ANYWAY – it's GOOD to be at a crossroads & i believe that God can show you the TRUTHS in the Word. =) & sorry again that Brad hasn't gotten back to you about what you asked me about! He will i promise! 🙂


  3. jennifer renee
    Jan 20, 2010 @ 13:57:13

    holy crap, melissa. that's awesome… what did dessa ask you about??? i have tons of questions.. it may take a while… i can't read hebrew. 😉


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