Slain in which Spirit???

I attached a link to another article from Let Us here. I think they summed it up very well, with a lot of references to scripture and other books.

The whole being slain in the spirit thing is I believe demonic as it is not mentioned as being used by any of the apostles, disciples of even by Christ himself. The references in the bible about people encountering God’s presnece doesn’t reflect anything like what is seen in most revival meetings, like Benny Hinn, of whom I have no use.

I have also heard of the story of Annias in Acts ch.5 being used as reference for being slain in the spirit, but that was taken out of context. They were literally SLAIN by the Holy Spirit. The lied to God and were killed because of it.

I do believe that God’s presence can manifest so heavily in a person that they cannot stand. They might fall to the ground, sit down, I don’t know. I don’t think anyone can really do anything in the manifest presence of the Lord.

What I don’t believe in is what is done at church services now days. Herding and lining people up like sheep to the slaughter, literally. If it is really God, why do they have to be lined up, why do you have to touch, push, shake or blow on them. Why do you have to say anything?? If they need prayer, wouldn’t it be enough to stand in agreement with them in prayer, and if God manifests His presence on them great. If they fall backwards, let them fall, God loves His children and if it is really Him, I don’t believe He will allow a person to be physically hurt while in His presence.

Most of the references in the bible, particularly the OT, of people encountering God’s presence, fell face forward, in an attitude of submission, worship, etc. Most of the time when this happened, it was God’s judgment, or revelation going on. Obviously God can still judge and reveal to whom He pleases. My issue, is why is this “the norm” for Charismatic churches????


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  1. Danielle
    Jan 19, 2010 @ 10:01:08

    It is crazy that's it's accepted so widespread as a good thing. It has actually been my experience that it is a bad thing, most always, as we pray over people in the church for deliverance. As we are praying over them, if they are "slain", get so weak they can't stand, or need support standing, there is a demon[s] present. This was realized after several prayer meetings where the pastor laid hands on all in the room, and those who needed deliverance would become weak, or "slain", while the other pastors and people who had been saved a while (etc) did not. I can remember telling Dad that I had only been slain "for real" one time – and what do you know…I was healed of asthma that very second – but the other times I was pushed. He also told me that it was ok because it doesn't happen to him either. Not too long after, we started putting two and two together.Also, I think the scripture when Jesus is in the garden of Gethsemene (sp?), and the soldiers are taken back by his power could be a "slaying" in the Spirit… and imagine that! I'm pretty sure those soldiers who came to take Jesus Christ prisoner were under some demonic influence!


  2. Odie
    Jan 19, 2010 @ 10:46:34

    Danielle, I agree with you. Everytime this stuff is going on and i've gone up for prayer, they literally push me with their hands, I stand firm, I don't budge, and have even sometimes opened my eyes and looked at them with this looks of "WTC are you doing??? This ain't God." They move on, and I go back to my seat.I think the soldiers, yeah, when Jesus spoke "I AM" the power manifested to the point that it knocked them back.I've got several other issues with charismatic docrtine I'll be posting on. Loving your blogs, but still can't comment – check your moderation settings again.


  3. Danielle
    Jan 19, 2010 @ 13:38:31

    I wanted to say, too, that during praise and worship I can also attest to sometimes feel the presence of God so strongly I can hardly stand. Especially when the Lord is saying something through His people. I don't know what's wrong with my blog!! Sigh. 😦


  4. Melissa
    Jan 19, 2010 @ 18:25:35

    It is really hard for me to say it is DEMONIC or even WRONG because i have been slain in the spirit about 3 times. Each time a change in my life occurred. 2 times the person praying for people touched me but DID NOT push me & one time they did not even touch me. And one of those times i stood as straight as possible determined NOT to fall because i didn't want to. I assure you that i had a pure heart, was young, didn't really want to FALL just was there to recieve from God. It is a little scary to hear your friend say they realized a demon was present when someone was slain! I can ASSURE you that was not the case with me!!!!! I have been saved since i was five & had grown stronger in the Lord by that time. I wasn't a "new" Christian or anything of the sort. I do have issues with the "Spirit of Laughter" & other things. And i haven't been "slain" in YEARS. And i don't have that desire. Yes, i want God to work in my life, though! But i know (& always have known!) that he can do that no matter if you're standing our sitting! LOL. ANYWAY – regardless, i know it's not in the Bible & i don't know how to explain that. Perhaps the times it happened to me it was just a strong presence of God. I don't know… which is why i would be on the same page except that i experienced it in a good way (with no pushing & with positive changes in my life)… so that is why i can't completely discount it.


  5. Odie
    Jan 19, 2010 @ 20:10:33

    I guess I really need to be more specific when I write, I've managed to upset my step mom with that status message on FB.I do believe that people really do experience the manifest presence so heavily that they can't stand. I've felt it, but I don't faint or pass out, my knees literally buckled, and all I could do was just weep in His presence.Not all of it is demonic, but the way it's done most of the time, yeah, i think it is, especially the "holy laughter" thing.I don't discount it all together, it just seems to be so much of the norm in churches now, that it gives me pause. Ya know what I mean???


  6. liz
    Jan 20, 2010 @ 07:03:04

    I share your caution when it comes to the charismatic movement. In the Catholic Faith, we are taught as children to "test the presence" because not all spiritual manifestations are from God. AND, sometimes Satan can manifest himself in seemingly good things. So i teach my children, if they "sense" a presence to pray that if the presence is not of God that it leave in the name of Jesus, the Holy Trinity, Christ's wounds, His Precious Body and Blood; and to always call upon Michael the Knight of the heavenly court to defend us against the snares of the devil.I think people have to consider when Mary and the Apostles spent 9 days praying for the Spirit to come, they had no idea in what form – this was all new to them. So it was fully God's will being done unto them, not their own. They weren't up there forcing God's hand, asking for favors, on the contrary, they were frightened of the possibilities but open none the less. Also, their gifts were actually to benefit others strictly, not themselves, it took a great sacrifice on the part of these Apostles to give of themselves continually to save souls.PS. While "Anonymous" was mysterious and exotic, I was happy to figure out how to post my name. πŸ˜‰


  7. Melissa
    Jan 20, 2010 @ 14:26:24

    Yes, i totally know what you mean & i agree. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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