Sunday Stealing

Well, here it is Sunday! And you know what that means! Time for a little Sunday Stealing! Feel free to do this one, too – then go on over there & add your link!
The 6 W’s Meme
1. Is easy to love?
 what human is easy to love?  For me, my hubby & kids.
2. Do you just wanna smack?
I can say it cause they don’t know about my blog and can’t read english:  2 of my in-laws
3. Do you trust?
my husband & my family. & J-Lo (not the singer/actress/designer/hoochie)
4. Do you talk to when you’re alone? 

Myself, and God

1. Dangerous thing do you do while driving?

Turn around to “yell” at my kids to behave

2. Are you allergic to?
body odor, bad breath, and bad manners
3. Is Satan’s last name?
didn’t know he was ever given one.  Seriously what kind of question is this?
4. Is the freakiest thing in your house?
Everything in this country is freaky at first.
1. Is it time to turn over a new leaf?
When the Holy Spirit convicts you.
2. Will you be all that you can be?
When I enter through the pearly gates and clothed in righteousness and hear “Well done  my good and faithful servant”
3. Is enough ENOUGH?
For me when I’m ready to SCREAM at whom or whatever is working that last nerve.
4. Do you go to the dark side?
I AM the Dark Side!  Hehehe.  Not really.  I don’t go there.
1. Are your pants?

on my legs

2. Is your last will & testament?

In my head, needing to be done.

3. Is your junk food stash?
hidden in the pantry away from the kids.  It consists of a Snickers bar.
4. Is Carmen Sandiego?

Who is she???

1. Was the Lone Ranger alone?

Cause he had a freaky relationship with ‘Silver’.  HAHAHA.  Maybe he had really bad Body Odor and Bad Breath.

2. Was the scarlett letter scarlett?
So that people would “SEE the sin”.  It was a sign of shame to the bearer.
3. Are musicians sexy & plumbers not?
Even though both have pants that show their cracks – musicans generally have much sexier cracks, rock hard abs, and mysterirous air.  Where plumbers are dirty, smelly, and usually have a Homer Simpson mentality. Actually they usually look like Homer too.
4. Are there no seatbelts on school buses?
I have always wondered this.
1. Swim the English Channel for a donut & coffee? If not, than what?
No.  But for 10 million, yeah, I’d swim it.
2. Forgive someone who deliberately hurt you?
i try to.  Sometimes it takes LOTS of prayer.
3. Rather believe a lie if it would hurt less than the truth?

Um NO!

4. You still be alive if you were sucked out of an airplane window?
Depends on 2 things.  1st if you are sitting in a seat before the wings or after.  2nd are you wearing a parachute.  If you are before the wings, doesn’t matter, you will more than likely get sucked into the engine.  If after, you will live if you have a parachute.  I think. Unless all your air gets sucked out of your lungs in the process.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa
    Dec 13, 2009 @ 20:26:16

    you crack me up! idk what was up w/ the satan question either! Wierd! & duh on the scarlett letter! I'd forgotten that!


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