When the Shepherd is a theif & liar….

  Okay, so I’m really ticked.  I recently found out that a pastor I know is under federal investigation for Fraud.  yeah, I know, we had the Baker’s back in the 80’s – but this is personal.  I know this man.  It’s different when it’s close to home, when it’s personal.

  I am SOOOOOOO very tired of hearing about pastors who have abused their positions, and their congregation’s trust, but more than that, they trample on the Word of God, on His blood!  I know I can’t pass judgment, only God can do that.  But I mean c’mon…..SERIOUSLY?!?  WHY?  If you have faith in God to meet all your needs, why steal, lie, cheat, etc.  It’s no wonder the world looks at Christians the way they do.  Christianity is the only religion that is FULL of scandal!  As much as I don’t agree with Islam, you never hear about their scandals – they don’t have any, cause if someone breaks the holy law – they die!  Not saying that is what Christians should do, but honestly, how much longer are these men & women “of God” going to do this kind of stuff??

  Stop trampling on the Word.  Stop making a mockery of the blood that was shed. STOP LEADING PEOPLE TO HELL with your scripture twisting!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa
    Nov 23, 2009 @ 16:23:27

    wow. couldn't agree more!


  2. jennifer renee
    Nov 23, 2009 @ 22:44:14

    Jesus said this would happen. i am so jaded right now, it's not even funny….


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