Looking for work.

  So I’m helping my hubby try to find work outside of Romania, because well, there just aren’t any jobs here.  What few there are don’t pay well at all.  So I’ve scoured the net for Plastering, i.e. Stucco companies here in Europe.  Most seem to be in the U.K., which is great, since their currency is worth more than even the Euro.

  Draw backs to Marius (hubby’s name btw) working outside the country.  We won’t see him for MONTHS at a time.  The upside is that we will save massive amounts of money by him will allow to save a bunch of money in a short amount of time!  Another upside, is it will give me and the kids a reason to spend money on a “vacation”, enabling us to see more of Europe, which is awesome.  I’ve always wanted to see London, but more than that, Ireland, home of most of my ancestors!  Please pray that this one company that has responded, will sponsor Marius to work in the U.K., pay his asking price and give him at least a one year contract.


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  1. Melissa
    Nov 06, 2009 @ 17:09:19

    I will be praying for y'all!!


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