The Dinner Rolls that almost were

  Okay, continuing the previous blog about dinner rolls and the fresh vs. active dry yeast debacle, has come to it’s fruition.  While the rolls are great fresh out of the oven, it is evident that once they have cooled they can be used as projectile weapons of nearly mass destruction.  I’m not laughing.  I take pride in my cooking, and I rarely have a miss, however I did with these, and I believe it comes from said yeast debate!!!  I think I used too little yeast, not to mention the fact that my house is colder than it should be as we have NO heat, yes you read that right.  It’s too expensive to pay for heat, 200 RON/month.  When you are only bringing in say 2,000 RON a month, minus 750 for rent around 60 for water, at least 200/week for food, and about 400/month on gas for your car, you really don’t have a lot left over for heating your home. Instead you bundle the crap up!!!

  So I need to find a better answer to the whole yeast conversion thing; not just the fresh vs. dry, but also U.S. measurements vs. metric.  Math was never my strong suite, so GOD help me please!!!


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  1. Melissa
    Nov 04, 2009 @ 19:14:03

    i am AWFUL at math!!! But i do have a conversion thingie at home i could look at for ya!? but you might could find the same online? idk. i'm sorry about the rolls!! but omg- i'm MORE sorry about the heat (or lack thereof!!)


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