Conspiracy Theories

Okay, it must be stated, I am said Conspiracy Theorist the media warns you about. I have my doubts about the truth given us regarding 9/11 and other terrible events. I believe that the media is controlled by an elite group of people, who are power and money hungry, and will do whatever they want to keep society “in line”. Lord Acton said “Power Corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. I don’t believe truer words were ever spoken.

There are several excellent “movies” out, that uncover what most of us have been led to believe. You can them on YouTube. One of them is called “The Obama Deception”. It does a lot more than just attack Obama, it goes further back, it attacks Bush as well, probably not as much as most people would like, but you can’t get everything you want in one place – which gives me an idea for my next blog…. but I digress. The other movie is called Zeigeist. Now about Zeigeist, I will say that I don’t believe a word of what they say in regards to Christianity. Most of us know that Christ wasn’t born on Dec. 25th, that Constantin instituted that to bring in the pagans so they would quit causing problems for the Roman Catholic church. And that too is a thought for another blog.

One thing that is interesting to note, is that in the Romanian newspapers, 2 weeks prior to 9/11, they printed that ALL U.S. Embassies would be closed on 9/11/01. I know this for a fact, because my husband saw it in the paper [Romanian]. And yes, I am one of those who believe that we are in fact in the last days that the birth pangs Christ spoke of are getting stronger, and if I understand the scriptures correctly, all that needs to happen is for the Anti-Christ to set himself up in the reconstructed Temple and declare himself God and the Tribulation begins. For all the pre-trib rapture believers out there, I will provide scripture and pose questions to you in regards to that, as I am more of a mid, towards the end of the trib believer. Again, for another post.


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