Friend Makin’ Mondays

1. Turkey or Ham?

2. Favorite side dish.
  My cornbread dressing

3. Favorite dessert.
Apple Pie

4. Black Friday: Are you going or not?
Nope, not even on the same continent.

5. If so, what’s on the top of your list?
If I were going, clothes for my massive 2 yr. old who is the size of a 3-4 yr. old. and rapidly growing

6. Going out of town or staying close to home?
Staying home

7. Hosting or helping?

8. Name one family tradition at Thanksgiving.
EATING till you can’t move

9. What do you do after dinner?
Generally watch a movie (women) after cleaning dishes

10. What are you most thankful for this year? 
Adapting somewhat normally to a new country


When the Shepherd is a theif & liar….

  Okay, so I’m really ticked.  I recently found out that a pastor I know is under federal investigation for Fraud.  yeah, I know, we had the Baker’s back in the 80’s – but this is personal.  I know this man.  It’s different when it’s close to home, when it’s personal.

  I am SOOOOOOO very tired of hearing about pastors who have abused their positions, and their congregation’s trust, but more than that, they trample on the Word of God, on His blood!  I know I can’t pass judgment, only God can do that.  But I mean c’mon…..SERIOUSLY?!?  WHY?  If you have faith in God to meet all your needs, why steal, lie, cheat, etc.  It’s no wonder the world looks at Christians the way they do.  Christianity is the only religion that is FULL of scandal!  As much as I don’t agree with Islam, you never hear about their scandals – they don’t have any, cause if someone breaks the holy law – they die!  Not saying that is what Christians should do, but honestly, how much longer are these men & women “of God” going to do this kind of stuff??

  Stop trampling on the Word.  Stop making a mockery of the blood that was shed. STOP LEADING PEOPLE TO HELL with your scripture twisting!

Stealing Sundays

For Some reason I can’t link up tot he Stealing Sunday’s blog-hop thingy.  Oh well, got this from Laura at her Life Happens Blog.  Looked fun, so here goes:

1. Name someone with the same birthday as you.
  Elizabeth Taylor – well, at least the 7 failed marriages isn’t shared as well!

2. Where was your first kiss?
     On the playground in 2nd grade – Joshua Solieu snuck up from behind me and kissed me on my cheek, and then ran off.  It would be YEARS before I had my first “real” kiss

3. Have you ever hit someone of the opposite sex? If yes, why?
   yes, I was a tom-boy, fought the school bully in 5th grade for talkin’ smack about my dad.  Hey my mom was M.I.A., so i was more partial to dad.

4. Have you ever sung in front of a large number of people? When?
   When I was 6, 7 or 8 in children’s church.  When I realized my voice cracked and that I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket I gave up my fantasy of becoming the next Sandi Patti.

5. What’s the first thing you notice about your preferred sex?
    I don’t notice them anymore, but the first thing I notice about anyone is their eyes.  Do they look you in the eyes when speaking with you.
6. What really turns you off?
   Self-Importance or low self-esteem.  Ooooh, and body odor.

7. What is your biggest mistake?
    Let’s not go there shall we, there are way too many, and besides they have shaped who I have become.

8. Have you ever hurt yourself on purpose?
    Yes, 3 times, it’s called pregnancy and childbirth!

9. Say something totally random about yourself.
     I have 11 toenails.  Technically 11 toes, but they are grown together with 2 toenails on the one 2 toe.

10. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?
     Sissy Spacek, I CONSTANTLY got told I looked like her…Uggg…  And, back in the day when my hair was major long, and I had blonde highlights, I was always told I looked like Claudia Schiffer – we both have those high cheek bones and bugs bunny type front teeth.  If I let my hair grow and cut and style it a certain way, I still get told that.

11. Do you still watch kiddie movies or TV shows?
     I mentioned intentionally hurting myself 3 times, what do you think is on our tv 99% of the time.

12. Are you comfortable with your height?
      Yeah, not like I can do anything about it now is there?

13. What is the most romantic thing someone of the preferred sex has done for you?
      A “jar-head” I went out with a few times, took me on a moonlit picnic in a park with strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.

14. When do you know it’s love?
      When God says so.  And when you totally trust that person with everything that is in you, that you know they don’t care about what you don’t do perfect, when you can see how much they love you in their eyes.

15. What’s something that really annoys you?
       “Men of God” that flout the Word.  Televangelists, especially:  Graham, Osteen, what’s hisname, the Indian guy that is always wearing those obnoxious white suits????  arrrrggg, what is his name, Ah…Benny Hinn.    Basically anyone that is the “shepherd” of a “flock” and twists the Word to fit their beliefs.  Who STEAL money from their congregations – yes I said Steal.  We should be like the church in Acts Ch.2, living Holy and Righteous lives!!!

Thanks to our Troops

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So Xerox is doing this thing called Lets Say Thanks to our troops. They have collected artwork from kids all over the U.S. and made them into cards that they will print out and send our men and women overseas. Whether or not you agree with us being in the Middle East is a moot point. Our military personnel are not draft dodgers, they didn’t get dragged over there kicking and screaming, they willingly signed up, left all that they know to fight for the U.S. even if it is a fake war.

There are terrorists out there, but that isn’t why we are in Iraq & Afghanistan, we are over there as a power play, a way to secure more oil for our nation. Call me crazy, paranoid, cynical, whatever, be the evidence, the PROOF says that it wasn’t Al Queda that terrorized this nation on 9/11, but something more sinister than most of us care to face or even think about. It is a monster that we can’t even fight, because it is a enemy within. I’ll go into that in another post, outlining proof of my statements.

Let me get back to my main point though. Our men and women need our support, and encouragement, especially now with the Christmas season upon us. Please go to and pick a card to send to a soldier. All the men in my family, except for my generation have served in the Armed Forces. I was going to enlist in the service upon completion of High School, I was even in the J.R.O.T.C. program at my high school, but because of bum left ear I was rejected, nevertheless I support what these men and women do, they risk their lives to protect our freedoms, even if their commander in chief is an idiot of gigantic proportions; this would mean the last 4 administrations, at least.

Please send our Troops a Big Thanks!

Forgetting English

  Okay so my middle child, the youngest girl whose name is Isabel, has been staying with her great Aunt for the last month and half in Constanta, which is about a 2 hour drive from where we live in Tulcea.  Not too bad except for the price of gas these days.  So she is learning all kinds of new things, particularly the Romanian language, which she really needs for when she starts school in September.  She is 100% fluent!  Which is awesome. 

  So my husband’s cousin (G.Aunt’s son) wanted to come to Tulcea to go fishing with Marius.  Tulcea is on the delta of the Danube River, lots and lots of fishing here.  So we asked him to bring Isabel with him, so his mom had to come to because Isabel won’t go further than the store by their house without her.  So they came in night before last.  Isabel comes home – she has forgotten English!!!  Not completely, but when I would talk to her to ask or tell her something she had this blank look on her face.  Marius would tell her what I said in Romanian, and she got it.  Talk about make a mother really upset, is realizing that her own child doesn’t fully understand what she’s saying anymore!

  She decided to go back to her great aunt’s house, and we are going to go get her in about 4 weeks, when the slaughter the pig they’ve been raising on December 21st.  Yeah, I’m hoping its slaughtered before we get there.  However Isabel has helped slaughter a duck and chicken and clean them.  I know that sounds gross, but really, she will learn things like this that she won’t be able to learn anywhere else, especially if we were still in the states. 

  I am happy that she has mastered a second language, however forgetting English kinda upsets me, I’m trying to find a balance with it in my mind, and especially my heart.  I know it will all be okay, that I’m going to have to work a little harder to help her learn to read and write in English, and comprehend the meanings of the words, I just wish she had not started to forget her first language, especially since she refused to even try to learn Romanian for the first 6 months of our being here.

Awesome Blogger Award

  Okay, so my friend Melissa, whom I’ve known since middle school awarded me with the “Awesome Blogger” award.  Melissa has a very witty blog called Little Miss Married.  The stiputlations of being granted said title include me giving 7, count ’em “intersting” facts about myself, and listing 5 new bloggers.  Well, I only know one new blogger, and I don’t really consider myself as “intersting” in the conventional sense, but I’ll give it a go!

7 Intesting Things about me:

1.  I scored a 143 on an IQ test.  That should be considered interesting since, if memory serves, that makes me a borderline genius. Genius at what I’ve yet to decipher, seeing as how most of what I touch seems to turn to crap! Not really, but it feels like that sometimes!

2.  I am a brutally honest person.  Maybe not brutal, but honest.  I detest lying in any shape, form, or fashion.  Honesty is the best policy in every facet of life.  I try to temper everything with love, however my wickedly bad Irish temper passion gets the better of me sometimes.

3.  I have 3 BEAUTIFUL children who look absolutely nothing alike! See photo below.  An absolutely beautiful, wonderful, adoring husband, who was everything I prayed for and dreamed of for a husband and father!

4.  I suffer from selective memory. Let me explain.  I can remember bible verses and their address.  I can remember law, and their legal numbers.  I can remember case law Snyder vs. USFDA, etc., etc.  But I can’t remember what you asked me for 20 minutes ago, unless it’s something that pique’s my interest.
5.  I live in Romania, because of stupid antiquated out-dated Immigration laws.  Please do NOT try to argue with me about the current Immigration problems in the U.S.  You will be barking up the wrong tree, and will definitely be picking a fight you will lose. (there is an example of said “brutal honesty”)
6.  I am an AWESOME cook!  I don’t generally toot my own horn, but when it comes to cooking or baking, I can kick butt.  I’m no Julia Childs, I wouldn’t cut the mustard on my presentation, but the taste, Oooooo Mama! Do quote Johnny Bravo!
7.  I am a Nerd!  Yes, I own it, I am a total and complete dork.  I make silly faces, talk in silly voices, sometimes with an accent!  I love silly movies like “So I  Married An Axe Murderer” (seriously, funniest movie evah)!  I love technology, I am a computer geek/buff, etc.  Learning what I can about photography for when I can finally afford a Digital SLR!   I can recite every line to just about every Star Wars flick, every movie adapted from a Jane Austen novel.  I am basically an American version of Bridget Jones, minus the drinking!
8.  I’m adding one extra, and it’s not last because it’s least important, but because we always save the best for last right?  I am a Christian.  This means I follow the Words of Jesus Christ, not Billy Graham, Joel Osteen, Larry Stockstill, T.D. Jakes, or any other “man of God”.  Man if fallible, full of error.  I serve, believe in and LOVE God – whose word never returns void.  Who became flesh, and died a horrible death so that I, my husband, children, family, friends, EVERYONE could be redeemed unto Him.  It is not I who lives, But, Christ who lives in me.  He has changed and transformed me.  I die daily to the flesh so that I can become more like him!  I want to be “Mistaken”!  (Warren Barfield)
So there it is seven “interesting” (to whom I don’t know) things about me.  Sorry if I bored you into a coma, but that is me!!  I won’t apologize, because diversity is the spice of life.  If we were all teh same, what a truly ugly and boring world it would be.

Okay so  the only new blogger that I know is a young wife, mother of a new baby girl, and excellent, awesome, pure hearted woman of God, Danielle.  I’ve known her for years now.  She saw me when I was still rebellious, drinking and partying, and then she saw God transform me.  It was because of hers, her family, my family and our mutal friends prayers that I am still alive and here serving an awesome God!  Her blog is here.

So Danielle, I think maybe now you have to list 7 intersting things about yourself and list whatever new bloggers you know!

Feeling Better, then I hear about Obama-Care….

  After 3 days of feeling like the battle of Gettysburg was raging inside my head and sinus cavities, I finally feel better.  My 2 1/2 yr. old son was dealing with the same thing, only he didn’t show it – he was still running around and tormenting his older sister!  Why can’t adults be as resilient as kids???  So not fair.

  So I’m online trying to catch up on emails, Facebook, the news, etc.  and I find out that Pelosi and the other knot-heads in D.C. pushed Obama-Care through the House without any debate whatsoever …. so much for transperancy, eh?  Well our Senators will hopefully remember that WE THE PEOPLE pay their checks and we don’t want a health care bill that has tax-payer funded abortion, “death-panels”, and most importantly, why should we take a health plan that they have opted out of?!?

  Oh and the “let’s not jump to conclusions about Ft.Hood….”  but first he gives a “shout-out”?!?  WTCrap??  Forget his birth certificate, has anyone checked to see if he has any balls or brains???

  I need to stop I feel the war starting up in my head again…..

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